May 21, 2024


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Bitcoin investment: A quick guide to start

bitcoin trading

Bitcoin investment is how the movement of the cryptocurrency price can be speculated about.

While this tradition entails shopping bitcoin exchange, expecting the price would increase in due course, futures are increasingly used by cryptocurrency traders to bet on the and declining values – to make the most of the volatility of bitcoin.

Bitcoin trading is therefore preferred option for those who want to make some profit from this cryptocurrency.

With IG, with financial derivable like CFDs, you can take a stand on the cost of bitcoin. This product allows you to benefit from market fluctuations without buying the underlying coins-so that you don’t have to take responsibility for the survival of any bitcoin tokens.

What moves the price of bitcoins?

Supply of Bitcoin: The total Bitcoin supply is limited to 21 million, with a projected 2140 production. Finite supply ensures that bitcoin prices will increase as demand increases over the years to come.

Short journal: Any news breaking about the stability, valuation and life expectancy of Bitcoin would adversely affect the coin’s total market price.

Inclusion: The global image of Bitcoin relies on its incorporation into new payment and banking networks. If efficient, demand could increase, which could positively affect the price of Bitcoin.

Main events: Changes in laws, safety violations and Bitcoin macroeconomic announcements will all impact rates. Any compromise between users on how to speed up the network will also see the confidence in bitcoin – driving the price up.

Hedging the strategy of bitcoins

Bitcoin hedging involves reducing the risk management by opposing one you have already opened. If you were thinking about the moving market against you, you might do it. E.g., you might open a short position on bitcoin with CFDs, if you owned any bitcoin, but were intrigued by a sharper decline in its value. When bitcoin’s share price drop, the short-term profits will compensate for any or all of the losses on the coins you have.

Trading in the derivatives of bitcoins

Trading bitcoin derivatives with us means that you can speculate with CFDs instead of buying bitcoin. In this way, you can put yourself on the price increase of Bitcoin by “going long” or falling by “going short.” Here are other advantages of working with us with bitcoin products:

Leverage and margin: CFDs are often managed with power, that is, to get full market exposure, you would always need a deposit-the margin.

Deep liquidity: our bitcoin market is very liquid thanks to our large customer base. This ensures that, even though you trade in large size, your orders can be loaded up at your preferred price.

Closure: derivatives shortening can be an efficient way to secure the portfolio and avoid losses in the market


Bitcoin Difference Contracts (CFD’s) are the magic to swap Bitcoin without utilising Bitcoin. Originally they were built to provide Bitcoin attention without the need to own it.

CFDs are the dealer and the broker’s deal. These contracts say that the difference between entry into and departure of a trader is the profit or loss of that trader which effectively simulates the trader’s actual asset (i.e. Bitcoin).