How much is 1 Gh\s
1 Gh\s costs 0.09 USD
I have referrals. Why I do not update the hash-rate.
You get bonuses from investments\reinvestment of your referrals. A gift hash-rate (30 Gh\s) does not participate in the affiliate program.
I made a deposit through Bitcoin. But the transaction did not appear at all in the Purchase Gh\s section. Why?
In this case, contact support immediately.
I withdrew the funds via Bitcoin, but the transaction was not confirmed within 12 hours.
When withdrawing funds via Bitcoin, we put the base commission for the transaction, which allows us not to charge it from the amount of your withdrawal. Therefore, the confirmation process can be delayed.
How do I deposit money via Payeer?
Detailed instructions can be found at https://btcstorm.cloud/howto/purchase/payeer
How to deposit funds through AdvCash?
Detailed instructions can be found at https://btcstorm.cloud/howto/purchase/advcash
I made the money through Payeer or AdvCash, but the transaction did not appear in the "Purchase Gh\s" section. What to do?
In this case, contact support immediately.
Why do you have 10 values after the comma in the value of bitcoin instead of 8?
It`s not a mistake. This is done to display the mining process.
I registered, but the confirmation letter did not come to my mail.
This can happen because of the filters of your mail server. In this case, write a message to the address [email protected] from the email address under which you registered on the site.
I accidentally indicated the wrong account when withdrawing funds (this applies to any payment system). How to be?
Unfortunately, in this situation, we can not do anything. Only ask you to carefully fill out the form fields for withdrawing funds.
Why does the site sometimes not display data in my personal account?
This can happen when the server is rebooted. Your data is intact and safe and the mining continues.
Why does site show a 403 error on my referral link
We do not welcome the use of services to cheat traffic or sites paying for clicks and registration. Such traffic will not benefit anyone. Therefore, traffic from such sites is blocked.
Does mining continue if I close the browser window or turn off the computer?
Yes, the mining continues. Close the browser with a quiet heart.
Can I withdraw funds without an investment?
Yes. But provided that your hash rate is equal to or more than 96.67 Gh\s. Reach this value by reinvesting funds from your balance sheet or by attracting referrals.
What is the minimum power to buy?
The minimum power is 1 Gh\s
What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 2 USD or 0.001 BTC
I made a withdrawal of funds in BTC but the funds did not come and the transaction status is "Pending". What is it?
When you withdraw funds to BTC, the transaction does not happen instantly (as in the case of USD), but after 3 network confirmations. The process can take up to 24 hours, but more often - 20-30 minutes. If after 24 hours the withdrawn funds did not come to your wallet - write a problem to the support service about the problem.
Where can I see statistics on my referrals?
Statistics on referrals is in the section "Affiliate Program" in the personal account on the "Statistics of Referrals" tab.
For what reason can my account be blocked?
The account is blocked if suspicious activity was detected in it. For example: searching for opportunities to "wind up" the balance or assigning capacities, aggressive reverse-engineering code.
What should I do if my account is blocked?
In case your account is locked. The corresponding messages will appear in your account in the support section. There you can ask support questions and apply for application unlock.
Does the accumulation of funds continue when I lock my account?
Yes, the accumulation of funds continues. And if the account was blocked by mistake, after unzipping, you can withdraw the accumulated funds. During the account lockout, all the functions of the personal cabinet are available, in addition to purchasing capacity and withdrawing funds.