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Terms of Use

Last Update September, 28th of 2019.


1.1 The current terms of service (hereinafter referred as “Terms of Use”) between Logicfen, S.A.P.I. de C.V., (hereinafter referred as “LOGICFEN”), and you (the “USER”), it is a mutual agreement for the good use of our services, such as accessing our website, the use of the products offered by LOGICFEN (for the purposes of this contract “BTCSTORM”) and the use of the system as shown in these Terms of Use. The persistent use of the site and its services (https://btcstorm.cloud) are a tacit agreement of acceptance of the Terms of use shown here, if you do not agree, you must suspend the use of BTCSTORM and all LOGICFEN services, or else you should obey all the statements of these Terms of Use.
1.2 LOGICFEN is a company, duly constituted by the Mexican law, and BTCSTORM is a news website owned by LOGICFEN. To become a USER you must create an account on BTCSTORM to have the right to login, comment, get prizes or to use any other service of BTCSTORM, therefore you should obey all the statements of BTCSTORM Terms of Use.
1.3 LOGICFEN has the right to allow the free and correct use of the service to the USERS that follow the guidelines expressed in Terms of Use. In case of violating this point, such as the use to make money laundering, finance terrorism, counterfeiting, fraud, or any misuse of the service, either of technological aspect, of secuirty, personal or corporative, also the damage by misuse of the service, LOGICFEN has the right to cancel the service of the offenders, regardless of whether they are USERS or visitors, and send them to the authorities so that they apply the corresponding law against them.
1.4 The current Terms of Use are subject to the current law to regulate Financial Technology Institutions and could have changes over time, the date of last update is specified and the USERS will be notified in a timely manner before having a change in the Terms of Use. In case of change, if you continue using our site or services, you tacitly accept the new Terms of Use, otherwise, suspend the use of the site and services.
1.5 The current Terms of Use are made for the laws of Mexico and for good international customs, being able to adapt the Terms of Use to subject the USERS according to the correct use within the local laws of the country where they reside, removing from LOGICFEN all responsibility or failure caused by the misuse of the USERS according to the law. In case of violating local law, the USER is the only responsible and LOGICFEN reserves the right to close his account and send it to the corresponding authorities.
1.6 These Terms apply both to LOGICFEN, and to all its services, including BTCSTORM, leaving the USER under the same responsibility to accept these Terms of Use. Likewise, any violation of these terms by the USER in any of BTCSTORM services, it is a violation of the USER towards the agreement made with LOGICFEN.
1.7 The current Terms of Use are published in some languages to facilitate reading, but they are only valid for the Spanish language.
1.8 The authorization of the CNBV to carry out this activity is in process so it is not an activity supervised by the Mexican authorities.


2.1 Definitions: For the service we make use of the following definitions (By simplicity, the Terms of Use uses for the third person “he”, “his” or “him” regardless of gender):
2.1.1 Service: It is each of the products offered by LOGICFEN, offering freedom to use correctly within the guidelines of Terms of Use. The use of informations and other functions, in a correct and legal manner within the laws of the country where the USER is located.
2.1.2 Cryptocurrency: It is a representation of a decentralized digital value, which does not have a legal way or guarantee by the authorities, accepted by USERS who place their trust to make exchanges with other cryptocurrencies, transactions between USERS wallets, electronic payments, among other functions.
2.1.3 Wallet: It is a unique representation of a digital storage place where USERS store their cryptocurrencies.
2.1.4 User: Each person who has an active account in BTCSTORM, having the right to use .
2.1.5 Guest or visitor: Each person that visits our site or services, but does not has a USER account yet, having limited privileges to consult services and statistics in general, with responsibility subject to the guidelines of Terms of Use. For purposes of the contract, outside the definitions, every visitor is a USER, but not all USERS are visitors.
2.1.6 Transaction: It is any operation made with currencies or cryptocurrencies, in which the USER is involved, it can be transfer funds to his wallets or earn some amount of cryptocurrencies.
2.2 The use of our services is limited in the places where local laws allows the use of cryptocurrencies, its use is prohibited for residents of New York and Washington in the United States, Iran, Afghanistan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Syria, Yemen, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Vanuatu, Laos, Uganda and any jurisdiction where the use of digital currency or cryptocurrencies is prohibited. BTCSTORM disclaims all responsibility and this is committed to USERS who violate this prevision. BTCSTORM has the right to cancel the accounts of the infringing USERS.
2.3 All users should have at least 18 years and must act on his own behalf and not of or for a third party. In case the USER does not allow to verify his identity, the service will be canceled for the USER.
2.4 All obligations and duties published in Terms of Use are freely assigned by LOGICFEN without notice of the USERS consent, and it applies if the USER continues to use the site or service. Therefore, the USER should carefully review the updates to the Terms of Use when they are presented.
2.5 The USER should guarantee to LOGICFEN the following:
2.5.1 Tell the truth about the USER personal information when registering or when requested.
2.5.2 Perform valid transactions, avoiding inaccurate information, or taking advantage of any malfunction, system error, failure, delay in the transaction, communications failure, code defect or security.
2.5.3 Do not falsify USER accounts or details of its registration.
2.5.4 Do not apply reverse engineering, decompile, disassemble or execute any software that not belongs to the site.
2.5.5 Attempt to harm LOGICFEN or BTCSTORM in any way, through the site or its services.
2.5.6 Do not access through a private network, proxy, network, product, browser or any software that hides the real location or IP address of the USER, if it belongs to a prohibited jurisdiction or if you are a resident of the United States.
2.5.7 Do not use the service for illegal acts, such as money laundering, fraud, forgery, financing of terrorism, financing of drug trafficking, pornography, steals or any illegal activity. If you think to use our services for any illegal activity, or for any of the ones listed above, even if it is indirectly or through a third party, do not use BTCSTORM and LOGICFEN services.
2.5.8 Do not violate the Terms of Use.
2.5.9 In case of involving LOGICFEN in a legal problem due to violation of the Terms of Use by part of the USER, the USER must assume his legal responsibility and pay the expenses generated by the problem, such as lawyers, lawsuits, fines, among others and remove LOGICFEN from any act, damage or injury in peace.
2.6 All cryptocurrencies carry risks of fraud, instability, change of technologies, bifurcations of the chain of blocks, local prohibitions, sudden drop in prices, disuse, among other factors that put the stability of cryptocurrencies at risk, the USER is the only responsible for using them and LOGICFEN is not responsible for these inherent risks of the use of cryptocurrencies. If the USER does not want to assume these risks, avoid the use of the services of BTCSTORM.
2.7 Sometimes the system or the site may have system errors, due to technological, environmental factors, automatic maintenance, among other incidents, which may affect the service of BTCSTORM. Due to BTCSTORM has no control over these incidents, the service could present failures or temporary interruption. USERS who use BTCSTORM are aware of these risks and that BTCSTORM is not responsible for the damages resulting from the incident. You waive any right that you may have against BTCSTORM for this concept. If you do not agree with the above, we invite you to stop using the service and the site.
2.8 All cryptocurrencies or virtual assets are not coins of legal tender or power of attorney in the United Mexican States and are not backed by the government or the Bank of Mexico. The USER knows and accepts that cryptocurrencies may cease to exist and consequently the market (s) involved with the cryptocurrency be closed. The USER renounces any action derived to this point and any other concept related to this point against LOGICFEN.
2.9 The USERS that violates local law with respect to operations in LOGICFEN and its product BTCSTORM, as well as committing a crime, such as those listed in point 2.5.7, must renounce all funds in their wallets in favor of what is determined by the authorities, LOGICFEN disclaims all legal responsibility and the USER waives their rights as a USER. If the authority determines it, all the necessary information of the USER will be available to the authority, including transaction history and account information.


3.1 To comment, get prizes, as well the use of all BTCSTORM services are available only to registered USERS, however visitors can access public parts of the site, such as market information and news.
3.2 Be truthful in the legal existence of the amounts to withdraw.
3.3 Understand that using cryptocurrencies may result in the partial or total loss of its value due to the volatility of the markets and the USER is the unique responsible for assuming this risk.
3.4 Use all services of BTCSTORM in a normal and correct way, if you hack the system, or use any trick in any service of BTCSTORM, your wallets will be canceled and your USER account suspended.
3.5 The USER performs all transactions voluntarily, not by coercion or forced by any person and in the full of their mental abilities.
3.6 No algorithm, procedure, commercial secret or internal operation of BTCSTORM shall be revealed to the USER in any way, even when the USER claims against LOGICFEN.
3.7 High security standards are followed to guarantee quality and a secure environment to the USER, on his entry to the system and in the use of all LOGICFEN services, however the USER must take care of his credentials and passwords to avoid steals or faults within his account.
3.8 LOGICFEN is not responsible for the authentication of the USERS. The USER is the unique responsible in case of being a victim of phishing, steal passwords, fraud, share passwords with a third party, access by a third party or any type of carelessness on the part of the USER. LOGCFEN is not responsible for acts of a third party that affects the Internet service, the IT platform and BTCSTORM site, apis offered by a third party, authentication forms of the USERS or any similar act, releasing to LOGICFEN of all responsibility. The USER waives any right that may correspond in this concept.
3.9 The USER is the unique responsible for any malfunction, steal of information or funds caused by the use of web platforms (including browsers), devices, operating systems, physical or virtual platforms, virtual machines or any third party software, even when the purpose is the use of the BTCSTORM services. The USER understands that his web client must be secure before using BTCSTORM and any LOGICFEN service.
3.10 The USER understands that any valid access for BTCSTORM grants the freedom of use to the services of BTCSTORM, including any operation of payment or transaction, therefore BTCSTORM is not responsible for the steal of information, funds or any type of steal derived from a valid access. The USER is the unique responsible for all movements occurred through a valid access in his account.
3.11 If the USER detects that his account or credentials have been compromised, he should quickly notify on the contact page or send an email to support@BTCSTORM.net, and he is encouraged to change his password on the login page. If a third party is acting on his own, he must specify it and take the necessary measures to avoid compromising his account. LOGICFEN is not responsible for the damages caused by the negligence of the USER.
3.12 LOGICFEN has the right to suspend and cancel the accounts of the USERS that present suspicious activities, as well as devices that attempt to alter or damage the proper functioning of BTCSTORM in any way.
3.13 Any USER who attempts to make transactions with non-existent or false data, falsifies or modifies the information of the wallets, falsifies or steals the information about the user accounts and any misuse (accidental or fraudulent) of the LOGICFEN products, produces the cancellation of the USER’s wallets and the closure of his service.
3.14 Any withdrawal that is made in the BTCSTORM platform is sent only to the MYTAKIN wallets of the USERS, all the USERS of the platform agree with this point when using it, no withdrawal will be made to another wallet or wallet service by the USERS from BTCSTORM, even when their wallets are personal. If you do not agree with 3.14, we invite you to stop using the BTCSTORM platform.


4.1 LOGICFEN is not a bank or credit institution, therefore the resources circulating within the platform are deposited and used by the same USERS who trust in the services and platform of LOGICFEN and do not generate additional incomes, only the taxes that the local law sue, being the USER responsible for paying their own taxes if they exist. Neither the services are covered by any insurer.
4.2 LOGICFEN is not responsible for lost or diverted funds by the use of technologies or communications when depositing or transferring cryptocurrencies or money. The USER is the unique responsible for using the technologies that are convenient for him and must be sure that the technologies or software that he uses are safe and free of faults. The USER waives the right to claim any refund caused by the USER’s negligence.


5.1 LOGICFEN reserves all rights over the ideas, codes, developments, methods, technologies, information, trade and industrial secrets, algorithms, protocols, communications, schemes, techniques, formulas, systems, software, documents, designs and parts, both logical and functional, which authorship is LOGICFEN or its USERS, are the property of LOGICFEN and LOGICFEN reserves all rights for the use and exploitation of these, both the patentable, not patentable, the protected by copyright, the protected by industrial property and the creations of LOGICFEN, giving the power to LOGICFEN to take any action necessary in case of any contingency with any person, physical or moral, to claim before the authority the property rights that tacitly belongs to LOGICFEN.
5.2 The site btcstorm.cloud, as well as its components and associated services, are from the intellectual property of LOGICFEN. News, ads and other external features are open source and have the duly attribution. LOGICFEN has not any responsability of them.