April 12, 2024


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8 brain workout games everybody must try.

The advent of technology has blessed us in many ways. It also has a bad side. The overuse of technology is leading to a generation much more dependent on the gadgets. Using less brain by depending on gadgets and applications every day not only makes us dumb but also makes us incompetent. In this world of cutthroat competition, you cannot lose IQ points just by scrolling your smart phone and leading a sedentary lifestyle. The researchers have linked bad memory and low analytical power with the inactive lifestyle. Apart from keeping you fit and healthy, you can also try these 8 brilliant games to keep your brain busy and active.

Best brain workout games you need

Also you can try Spider Solitaire or Freecell.

We are not the result of an overnight evolution. It took hundreds of thousands of years to evolve and become the most intelligent animals on our planet. We cannot lose to something we have created for our benefit. Technology can be used to make our lives better. Let us find out the best and most effective brain workout games you can play every day to keep you mentally fit and competitive.

  1. Brain Age II

This game is the next generation of Brain Age released in the year 2005. After gaining huge traction in popularity, the developer team has come up with the second version back in 2007. This is one of the best platforms that can be accessed via Nintendo DS users to find excellent brain teasing games. The second version provides intelligent games that can be played by users ranging between 20 years and 80 years. In fact, the responsiveness is measured by the intelligent platform and the result comes out the brain age of the user.

  • Queendom

Queendom is a unique online platform where the admirers will find excellent questions based on surveys and personality tests. These surveys and tests add up to thousands that will surely tickle your intelligent brain. It is very addictive too. The platform also offers aptitude tests, mind stretchers, trivia quizzes, and other types of interactive games that will give your brain a perfect workout session every day. You can use this portal for free.

  • Braingle

Braingle is also a free online portal where you will find innumerable brain teasers and workout games, puzzles, etc to try every day. This website claims to have the largest collection of such brain teasers. Braingle has a huge community of online users who like to share their views on questions and do brainstorming with other enthusiasts. It is a well-fabricated website that will keep you engage for hours and make your brain sweat.

  • Crosswords

These days, people are becoming less enthusiastic and more impatient. The only way to grow patience is via solving crosswords. You can either pick up a newspaper and start solving one or find a website that offers crossword puzzles according to various difficulty levels.

The crosswords in this era offer a unique platform where you will need verbal reasoning, memory, and various other knowledge dimensions to complete a puzzle. You will also find crossword puzzle books available in the stores. Move on to the highest difficulty level by choosing the right platform to give your brain a challenge.

  • My Brain Trainer

This online portal is considered to be the ‘brain gym’ the admirers like to visit every day. You can become a fulltime subscriber at a nominal cost and become a member of the elite community challenging puzzles every day. This website offers excellent puzzles and games that tickle the intelligent part of your brain. As per the experts of GoAssignmentHelp, a 20-minutes span divided into two sessions every day is enough for your brain exercise. This website also caters to basic programs that train and improves your mental speed.

  • Happy Neuron

This is another website, similar in application to that of My Brain Trainer. The application of this website concentrates on five different abilities of our brain that are language, attention, memory, visual capabilities, and executive functions.

This platform can offer a personalized base for training your brain in the way you want. All the brain teasing games are the result of scientific research done by the team. This online portal also allows you to track your progress over time. You can try it for free to find out the compatibility and then go for a subscription plan to enjoy everything in it.

  • Lumosity

Seeking brain workout portals, Lumosity comes out to be one of the most developed portals the admirers like to try. This is so far the ideal mental fitness portal you will find where you can create an account for free. The free subscription plan offers only three games daily. If you want to move on with the exceptional content, you can go for a subscription.

The games in this portal will challenge the intellectual part of your brain. You can track your progress and find out whether you are improving based on the results. The games offer an interactive user interface backed by mathematics and science. These tests, games, puzzles, riddles, and brain teaser will keep you busy. You can either download its app or access the website.

  • Sudoku

So far, Sudoku comes out to be a highly-intriguing game that involves logic and reasoning skills. It has 9 big boxes stacked in a square with small 9 boxes in each. You will have to put the number ranging from 0 to 9 in every big square in such a way that no number is repeated in the horizontal rows and vertical columns. This game comes in various difficulty levels. You will find applications, websites, and hardbound books as the perfect mediums to play and keep your brain busy. Learn the rules and slowly but steadily progress to the more difficult levels.


These are the 8 brain workout games and portal you can consider to start with and give your brain a hard time. Keep sharpening your skills with these suggestions and stay ahead in the competition.